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Colloidal Silver

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Colloidal silver has been around a long time. It was used extensively in the 20th century until antibiotics became popular and relegated the use of silver in general to relative obscurity. Colloidal silver wasn't patentable; drugs were. Profits were made in selling a patented product. With the present day problems of bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics, colloidal silver is making a resurgence in popularity and use. One of the reasons for the renewed interest is the fact that bacteria and viruses are not resistant to contact with silver. Colloidal silver may be the magic bullet for mankind if antibiotics are no longer useful. Colloidal silver was used to cure and/or treat many diseases before being replaced with antibiotics.

Colloidal silver has been used for healing for centuries. The Greeks and Romans kept liquids in silver jars. It was used by the American pioneers to keep water and milk from spoiling or becoming contaminated. It is now used by NASA to purify water in the space shuttle. Thin silver foil is still used in India and China to wrap portions of food in. The food and silver wrap are eaten together. Silver is used in most of the burn centers in the U.S. and has been used to prevent blindness in newborn infants eyes for many years.

Snake Oil Trish’s Colloidal Silver is produced using pure distilled water and an ionic/colloidal silver generator which makes small, consistently uniform sized particles of ionic/colloidal silver This is done with a constant current generator and steam distilled or deionized water. No additives such as salt are used in the process.

Please contact me for more information or to purchase some of Snake Oil Trish's Colloidal Silver. To be used with confidence and in Good Health.

Stock up in time for Cold & Flu Season!! May be beneficial in eliminating MANY Flu viruses!!